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Family Coaching

Family Dinner

"Sticks in a bundle are not easily broken." -African Proverb




Effective communication is pivotal in managing family dynamics. Discover how to use affective communication that will provide an explicit framework for understanding yourself and those around you.



Discover your parenting style and how it impacts your children.  Discover tools that will aid you in being aware and present.  Discover how to balance work with time for your children.


Discovering Your Child's Gifts

Discover how to listen to your child's life and then fire their passions by being intentional with their activities, education, and surroundings.



Whether you are getting married, already married or getting divorced, use explicit expectations to set boundaries, provide feedback, and teach empathy.


Blended Families

Blended families come with lots of unknowns. Discover how to maximize the beauty of your blended family by choosing to dive deep into personalities that will aid you in understanding and direction.


Managing Conflict

At the end of conflict is community.  Discover how to use conflict by managing tensions to repair harm and restore relationships.

My husband had never shared our personal business with anyone until we invited Keisha to help us manage our family conflicts.  Some deep things were unearthed and we are on the road to healing.

Althea K., Wife & Mother

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